Freelance Content Marketing Writer

Susan Lanier-Graham 

Susan Lanier-Graham is an award-winning freelance journalist and a B2B + B2C content marketing writer. She is a storyteller who excels at creating stories that help connect people. She specializes in technology, business, executive profiles, education, travel & tourism, hospitality, food & wine, retail, senior living, architecture & design, and the environment. See specific portfolios below.


Automotive B2C content marketing writing. Specializing in print and blog articles, ghostwriting, reports, website content, marketing materials, social media posts and content, marketing materials, press releases, product and e-commerce copy, new release information sheets, and more.


B2B and B2C content marketing writing. Specializing in entrepreneur and executive profiles, articles, blog posts, landing pages, white papers, website content, newsletters, ebooks, ghostwriting, sales & marketing materials, employee manuals, and more.


Education content marketing writing. Specializing in online education, higher education, education technology, grants, curriculum development, training manuals, website content, newsletters, press releases, case studies, profiles, and more.


B2C environmental content marketing writing. Specializing in green living, eco-tourism, green retail, and environmental policy. Susan is the author of two nonfiction books about environmental organizations and environmental history.

Food & Wine

Food and wine content marketing writing. Specializing in California wines, sparkling wines, executive and chef profiles, wine product copy, and independent restaurants. Susan is a California Certified Wine Appellation Specialist.

Homes, Architecture & Design

Home, architecture and design content marketing writing. Specializing in design, art, home technology, product descriptions, website content, profiles, and landscape design.


Hospitality content marketing. Specializing in hotel and resort websites, landing pages, executive profiles, product and ecommerce copy, hotel technology, hospitality, B2C content development, infographic copy, articles, and event management.

Leadership Profiles

Executive/entrepreneur profiles targeted at either B2B or B2C markets. Specializing in one-on-one interviews that lead to detailed executive profiles. Susan can help you find a better way to tell your story through personalized profiles.


B2B retail content marketing writer. Susan writes about upscale retail, home furnishing, design, and consumer electronics. Specializing in blog and print articles, sales and marketing materials, website copy, landing pages, product and e-commerce copy, SEO copywriting, social media copywriting, and social media campaign strategy.

Senior Living

Senior living content marketing writing. Susan writes about senior living topics, including wellness routines for seniors, healthy living for seniors, active lifestyles for seniors, retirement planning, and more. Specializing in articles, landing pages, website copy, marketing emails, blog posts, ghostwriting, press releases, and white papers.


Technology content marketing writing. Susan writes frequently about software, mobile computing, cloud services, SaaS, help desk support, and managed services. Specializing in articles, landing pages, website copy, marketing emails, ghostwriting, employee manuals, training guides, press releases, product copy, software copywriting, and white papers.

Travel & Tourism

B2B and B2C travel content marketing writing. Susan writes frequently about luxury travel, destinations, hotels, restaurants, and travel transportation. Specializing in articles, website copy, SEO-enhanced copy, infographic copy, press releases, visitor guides, product and e-commerce copy, case studies, and ebooks.


Susan has been a working journalist for three decades. Her writing includes travel, tourism, culture, food, wine, hospitality, homes and lifestyles, spas, and the environment. She invites you to read some of her published clips. Susan is available for editorial assignments