Technology Portfolio

 I am a B2B and B2C freelance technology content marketing writer. Along with my writing expertise, I bring hands-on knowledge of the latest technology and more than two decades of expertise writing technical training manuals, software guides, website content, website landing pages, white papers, and user guides. I specialize in SaaS, education technology, software, help desk support, cloud services, managed services, internet technology, and hospitality technology.

Clients include Subspace, Bear Technologies, VerticalXchange, Microsoft, American Airlines, Northcentral University, Academic Research + Technology, JES & Co., Heathkit, HDI, CompTIA, NEXES Educational Services, IKON Office Solutions, Forest Laboratories, and more. Along with my writing background, I hold the following certifications: A+ Certified Technician, iNet+ Certified Technician, Certified Help Desk Support Engineer, and Certified Help Desk Manager.

I can help you with technology content marketing writing, making even the most complex topics easy to understand. Types of content include executive profiles, articles, blog articles, reports, website content, landing pages, employee and training manuals, product and e-commerce copy, press releases, marketing materials, brochures, software copywriting, PowerPoint presentations, white papers, case studies, and more.

See below for my technology content marketing writing portfolio. Some content is proprietary and does not appear in the list. Feel free to reach out for details about other projects. Please contact me to inquire about your project.

Technical Website Content and Landing Page Creation for Subspace

Creating website content for Subspace. This B2B site is for networking engineers, chief information officers, and senior-level developers. The company targets real-time application developers and gaming houses. Wrote page content for Subspace products, including PacketAccelerator, GlobalTURN, SIPteleport, and RTPSpeed. 

Subspace: Optimizing Your Remote Call Center

Protecting Real-time Applications Against DDoS Without Using a CDN

Wrote B2B article for Subspace. Wrote about how Subspace offers DDoS protection for real-time applications without using a CDN. Content deals with real-time applications and new internet technology.

Subspace: Optimizing Your Remote Call Center

Optimizing Your Remote Call Center Article for Subspace

Wrote B2B article about ways for IT managers and executives to optimize remote call centers for Subspace. Content deals with real-time applications and new internet technology.

Subspace: Optimizing Your Remote Call Center

Technology Website Content for Bear Technologies

Wrote website content for Bear Technologies. Particular page content created for Managed IT, IT Services, Cyber Security, Cloud Services, Help Desk Support, and Company Profiles.