Environmental Portfolio

I am a freelance environmental content marketing writer. I specialize in green living, green hotels, eco-tourism, green retail, and environmental policy. I am the author of two books on the environment: The Nature Directory and Ecology of War, both published by Walker Publishing Company, now part of Bloomsbury U.S.A.

Clients have included Lifestyle Publications, Green Living Magazine, Lifestyle Publications, US Soil Conservation Service, and more.

I can help you with B2C environment content marketing writing including executive profiles, articles, blog articles, reports, website content, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, corporate sustainability reports, marketing materials, fact sheets, conference materials, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

See below for my B2C environment content marketing writing portfolio. Please contact me to inquire about your project.

Lifestyle Publications: Xeriscaping

Article about embracing the desert landscape and tips for xeriscaping for Phoenix-area homeowners. Appeared in the March 2022 issue of North Peoria Lifestyle.

Xeriscaping - Susan Lanier-Graham

Lifestyle Publications: Fuse Living

Interviewed the owner of Fuse Living, a sustainability-focused company, for the April 2022 issue of Scottsdale City Lifestyle magazine.

Fuse Living - Susan Lanier-Graham

Lifestyle Publications: fuse living

Wrote content about Fuse Living for the April 2021 issue of Paradise Valley Lifestyle magazine. Highlighted the owners, the company, the eco-friendly principles, and current trends.

Green Living Magazine: Marci Zaroff & EcoFashion

Interviewed Marci Zaroff of ECOfashion Corporation and wrote B2C article about her company and a new brand launch for Green Living Magazine.

Green Living Magazine: EcoPlus AZ

Interviewed Tyler Teague about his company, EcoPlus Home Energy, and his efficient services for HVAC systems in Arizona. The B2C article appeared in Green Living Magazine.

Green Living Magazine: Skya Nelson of Fed By Threads

Interviewed Skya Nelson of Fed By Threads about his company’s partnership with EarthX and the sustainable apparel industry. Article appeared in Green Living Magazine.

Ecology of War: Environmental Impacts of Weaponry & Warfare

Nonfiction book published by Walker and Company, 1993. This volume is one of the first to deal with this critical issue. It examines the effect of war upon our plundered planet, providing a highly readable, concise overview of the environmental impacts of war, graphically documenting the scars caused by warfare above and beyond the human casualties.

The Nature Directory: A Guide to Environmental Organizations

Nonfiction book published by Walker and Company, 1991. An essential reference and handbook for everyone who loves the outdoors and is concerned about saving our environment. Not an unwieldy telephone directory, nor a superficial compendium tied to “pollution fads”, this concise guide covers more than 130 major environmental organizations, with key facts about each.